Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Day With The Girls

This entire week is Springville High School's Mini Cheer Clinic. I just so happend to be an SHS Cheerleader, so I am in charge of choreographing a dance & 2 cheers for 3-4 year old girls (Who, by the way, are ADORABLE!). Of course my little sisters are in this Cheer Clinic, so their best friend Jaden & her little sister Kylie are in it as well & staying the night at my house for the next few days. Oh man...This is going to be crazy! But so far we have had fun :) I did everyone's nails-subtract my sister Nicole-& they love them. (Note that my sister Cami's nails are MIA. That's because they were an epic fail & I was way too embarrassed to let everyone see them)

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